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We take the hard work out of adding those finishing touches to your beautiful villa in keeping with the very high standards of the villa construction at an affordable price

Landscaping Packages

Villa LandscapingWe can design and install landscaping packages to suit your budget which could include:

  • Trees,Shrubs and Grass
  • Retaining walls for different levels
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Statues
  • water features
  • garden lighting
  • Drainage and water collection

Every landscape will be different and we can help you to discover which would work best to suit your own tastes and budget

Garages & Service areas

DSC03253We can build stand-alone garages and service areas or incorporate them into the villa itself. These could include the following features:

  • Laundry area for washing machine
  • Staff area including shower, toilet and maid downtime area
  • Undercover carparking area

These features can be designed and added at any stage during the construction phase if stand-alone, or will need to be decided upon during villa design phase if its to be incorporated with the villa building.


The View Melaka 1 (1)We can design and build pretty much any size and shape of pool imaginable. They can be over flow infinity type or in ground and can be multi levelled. All our pools include the following features

  • Pool tiling in a range of colours and styles
  • 1 row Pool edge capping in range of colours
  • Hayward pool pump and sand filters
  • Pool cleaning equipment including Vacuum,Brush,Pole,Scoop and test Kit

We can also offer other features to complement your pool such as Deck areas, Water features, Pool Bars, Gazebos and more.

Perimeter Walls

IMG_9863Perimeter walls are very important to keep your villa secure and for giving an access point to your villa. We can build strong, well constructed perimeter walls made from rock and brick and reinforced with steel. These walls can be rendered or left as brick. We can also add lighting to the walls and very nice entry gates if requested. Our standard of wall is as follows:

  • Brickwork to 1.8m above foundation – unrendered
  • Concrete steel reinforced columbs every 2 meters
  • Concrete steel reinforced ring above and below brickwork
  • Foundations made of Rock and concrete

We can provide a quote per lineal meter and will depend on whether rendering and lighting is required


IMG_0219If you want everything to be waiting for you ready for you to walk in to your villa and simply enjoy it then we can offer a furnishing and interior design package. We have many past examples of villas we have interior decorated to use as a template or speak to one of our international consultants and they can design a package to suit your tastes. We can design a package to include:

  • Furniture – Have our own carpenter who can design and make any furniture you wish, made from the best quality teak wood
  • Electrical Equipment including latest model Tv’s and Fridges
  • Lounge suits made from variety of top quality materials
  • Bedding and Linen
  • Cuttlery/Plates/Mugs/Glasses/Pots and Pans
  • Decorative items which make the villa come to life such as paintings, ornaments, bed runners, statues and pots