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Leading Bali Villa Designs for Retreats, Retirement and Investment

Location is as important as anything when looking for a new property, regardless of whether you seek a new investment, a holiday retreat or an idyllic retirement home.

Through extensive experience in construction and property management, and an understanding of the Balinese lifestyle, we design and create an exclusive range of villas with superb architectural diversity. With different styles created for various different needs and landscapes, we can tailor a home to suit you.

We also assist you through the process of purchasing foreign land, as the rules and regulations can be tricky and tiresome to navigate on your own when you’re not familiar with them. Our friendly team has extensive experience with the legal requirements needed to become a property owner abroad, and will guide you to complete the procedures quickly and smoothly so that you can enjoy your beautiful new home as fast as possible.

Stunning designs for villas in the unique atmosphere of Bali

The island paradise has gained its world famous reputation through stunning beaches, volcanic mountains and vibrant coral reefs. Couple that with endless shopping and a pulsating nightlife and you get the ultimate experience of rest and recreation.

Our luxurious havens make the most of the idyllic natural surrounds which make the island famous around the globe. Combining traditional Balinese architectural features with sleek modern features, our properties represent the best of what South East Asia has to offer.

Although they vary greatly in terms of size and style, all of our Bali villa designs embrace an open plan indoor/outdoor living aesthetic with a focus on both form and function. What makes them so striking is the way that they complement the surrounding natural environment. The layouts capitalise on the spectacular landscape of Bali and offer sweeping views of terraced rice paddies, verdant rainforest, sun drenched beaches or the Java Sea.

An excellent opportunity for any home buyer

We focus on keeping a range of highly adaptable options – whether you are looking for a tropical retirement retreat or an investment property to attract renters, our finely designed villas in Bali can accommodate your specific needs. Want an infinity pool? A second garage? Another ensuite for when family comes to stay? Our dynamic homes will meet your needs without compromising the architectural integrity of the overall design, and are priced to be broadly accessible to for buyers in different financial situations.

We list single and double story houses with expansive living and dining areas, as well as ample space for rest and leisure. Stop dreaming about your ideal property and let us make it a reality!

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