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Just finished Building the Dream Villa you always wanted and not sure how to operate it and keep it running at its optimum state?

Like buying a high performance car you need to take it to a mechanic from time to time to keep it running smoothly. Same applies to a Villa in Bali. Leaving it uncared or unattended to for long periods of time can lead to problems occuring.

We can offer a Management service strictly for our Building customers only, to make sure their investment continues to be well looked after long after building has been completed.

Included in our management packages we can organize the following services:

The staff we provide will be able to:

The majority of the staff will be sourced from your local area if possible as this is good for the village that you will be part of and living in.

Service Payments

We can organize the payment of the following services:


We can organize payment of any applicable taxes and negotiate with the tax department what taxes are required to pay and which ones are not using our professional tax consultant. We can also negotiate on our client’s behalf with the Heads of villages and the local people.

Advertising and Rental

We can help you to list your villa with different companies Such as Agoda and and or any that are requested. We also have a section on our website where we can list your villa for rent.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and materials used in our constructions. However from time to time there may be a blocked drain, leaking tap or a door or window that may need servicing. We have all the tradesmen at our fingertips ready for anything that needs attending to.


We offer packages to suit individual requirements, Please enquire about what package we can offer you.